KLKN: Dennis Crawford is Officially running for Office for a Second Time

Dennis Crawford, announced that he is running for a second time to represent the First District in the US congress.

Dennis Crawford a lawyer from Lincoln is once again campaigning to become a U.S. representative, and he feels this time it could be different
“No incumbent is safe, anything is possible this year,” says Crawford.

Crawford a Lincoln native, owns and runs a law firm here in Lincoln that has been around for decades. He feels that will help him connect with the community and bring their best interests to Capitol Hill.

“I’ve been here almost my entire life,” said Crawford “I’m a 3rd generation Lincolnite my family moved here in the summer of 1940, and I’ve operated a small business in the Lincoln area since 1986.”

His top concern for the upcoming mid–terms is health care, he has an idea to make it competitive, and what he believes would work for every day Nebraskans.

“I believe that government has an important role in our lives we need government to provide adequate health insurance,” commented Crawford “the capitalist system does not provide adequate health care security, and millions of people are uninsured so in this instance government needs to step in help insure people, through my Medicare, medicate buy in for all system.”

Another hot button issue that Crawford address was gun reform.Crawford believes something needs to change, but abolishing the 2nd amendment is not the answer.

“I’ve been hearing a lot about this for obvious reasons, we need to make our students more safe, while at the same time honoring and respecting the rights of lawful and responsible gun owners.”

Dennis Crawford will face–off against fellow democrat Jessica McClure in the Primary Election May 15th.

The winner will challenge current US Representative Jeff Fortenberry (R) in the Mid-Term election.

A democrat has not held the first district seat since Clair Callan in 1967.

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