Meet Dennis

Dennis Crawford is a lifelong Lincoln resident whose family has resided in Lincoln since 1940. Dennis has been married to Diane since 1984, and they have three grown children: Laura, Brian and Claire. Crawford earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in political science at Creighton University in 1982 and his Juris Doctor degree at the Catholic University in 1985. After graduation from law school, he returned to his home town and has been practicing law in personal injury and workers compensation beginning in 1986. Crawford’s law practice takes him all over the state.

Since he began practicing law, Crawford has been active in the Nebraska Association of Trial Attorneys – serving on it’s board of directors, political action committee and legislative committe. In that capacity, Crawford has fought for the rights of injured workers and workers in general.

As an attorney in private practice, Crawford negotiates with parties on a daily basis with whom he disagrees. Nevertheless, in the vast majority of cases, he is able to find common ground with the opposing attorney and those cases are settled on a compromise basis on terms that are beneficial to both parties. Crawford plans to take that experience and approach to Washington, D.C.

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