The Time Is Now For Campaign Finance Reform

The five member “conservative” majority of the U.S. Supreme Court put their thumb on scale for the top 1% in their now infamous Citizens United decision in 2010. Since that decision, reactionary billionaires have poured hundreds of millions of dollars into elections up and down the ballot to elect Republicans who will enact their agenda.

The results of Citizens United have been profound. We now have an executive branch and a GOP majority in Congress who are beholden to the likes of the Koch brothers. The early legislative “achievements” and priorities of Trump and the GOP led Congress reflect the influence of these reactionary billionaires.

As a member of Congress, I would support a Constitutional Amendment to reverse the Citizens United decision. It’s time for us to get rid of unaccountable, dark money in politics. This would diminish the influence of the special interests and empower the middle class.

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